Certainty U and Dan Nicholson Present:

The Secret To Surviving Thriving in Any Economic Cycle


Plus, how to...

  • Extract more cash to invest into your priorities RIGHT NOW just by quickly re-engineering your cash flows
  • Find profit windfalls in your business that are hidden in plain sight.
  • Use your existing resources to LOCK IN your path to wealth (and then use anything extra to collapse the time it takes to get it)
  • Get CLEAR on your unique, most efficient  path forward...based on your personal preferences, priorities and goals.

Nobody knows exactly what the market will do...


Nobody knows exactly what crypto will do...


Nobody knows exactly what business conditions, politics or even the weather will do...


That's why we engineer our wealth and profits to thrive in ALL economic cycles.

Give me 4 hours and I’ll give you the exact same blueprint used by billionaires, social entrepreneurs, and hedge fund managers to protect their money and grow their wealth no matter what’s happening around the world.


I understand if that sounds really exaggerated.  I promise you it’s not.  Most of you reading this know my history and career, but for those who don’t, I spent nearly 20 years helping the wealthy make and keep more money.  I did a prestigious fellowship where I helped develop a derivatives and hedge accounting standard and then went on to work in various capacities in capital markets, strategic finance and tax prior to starting my own CPA firm. My firm has since gone on to be recognized as one of the 10 best run midsize firm in the US in large part do to the results we deliver to our clients.



What I want to do is transfer all of that knowledge to you, in just 4 hours.


4 hours.  4 video lessons, with the toolbox and resources to use them.


Here’s what you get when you buy the Certainty Series:

Module 1 - Creating a Solvable Problem


  • “Every system is perfectly designed to get the result it gets”...ever feel like you’re constantly running around, with nothing to show for it?  This is why.

  • The Truth About “Eccentric Billionaires” (and why we’re probably the crazy ones)

  • Why seeking motivation will actually just make you burn out faster…(there’s something that works 10x better, anyway)

  • How To Make $10,000,000, In 5 Years, Starting With $50,000 Or Less...with almost zero risk. (Yes, really.  It’s a conservative estimate, based on this strategy)


The information available in Module 1 alone can make any entrepreneur 10x more than the purchase price.  If you’re ready to buy the Certainty Series, click this link

Module 2 - Fixing The Leaky Bucket

  • ~94% of all the business owners I work with are hemorrhaging 20-50% of their potential profits every single month.  Recapturing the money takes about 20 minutes.

  • The Math Behind Why A 20% Cost Savings Is Worth The Same In Profit As Doubling Your Sales...

  • The Subtly Ruthless Logic of “The Investor Frame”...and why it can help you build wealth with every single decision you make.

The Deadly Rule Of 3 & 10 (This applies to every business, and it’s why most businesses fail even if they grow)

I’m going to make a bold promise at this point…


If you’re a business owner running a profitable business...or even a breakeven business…


And you go through Module 2 and do the short homework associated with it...


If you don’t find enough extra money and profit just “sitting around” in your business to pay for the cost of this course, I will send you a full refund.


Just show me the numbers.  Show me you did the short assignment, and you didn’t find enough profit to make up for the cost of the course.  I’ll happily return your money.


[One of the people who did this short assignment found an additional $3,000/mo in just a few days.]


That’s how confident I am that this module alone will be worth your time and investment.  If you want to take me up on this little “challenge”, click here to buy the Certainty Series


Module 3 - Hidden Profit Pockets

  • Why Paying For The “Annual Plan” Might Actually Cost You MORE Money Long Term…

  • How to integrate Modules 1, 2, and 3 into a well-oiled business rhythm.

  • Why “Late Fees” Actually Make MORE People Show Up Late (hint: you can use the same phenomena to get $100,000 consulting days for free)

  • How Psychology and Community can save you thousands of dollars every month.


By now, you probably should be ready to get The Certainty Series


But some people are very thorough.  They want to know all the details before making an investment decision.  So let me show you the most impactful module in this entire series:


Module 4 - How To Get Everything You Could Ever Want

  • MED vs. MRV: How Emperors, Billionaire traders, and Olympic Athletes Engineer Their Inevitable Success. (Marcus Aurelius, emperor of Rome, first wrote about this strategy in his diary)

  • How To Risk $10 To Make $10,000

  • Why You’re Probably Wasting 90% Of Your Time And Effort

  • When to Explore, and When to Exploit...how to quickly make high-profit decisions.


Let’s recap:


For the price of a nice weekend away, you can virtually guarantee that you will get everything you want from life...with less effort, less time, and less stress than you thought possible.


And more importantly...there is zero downside risk.  You’re protected by my “Challenge”...if you have a profitable or breakeven business, and you go through Module 2’s assignment and don’t find enough new money to match the price of the course, I’ll refund your payment.


The Certainty Series will make you money or its free.


Honestly, though…


There’s something more important than immediate ROI.


This program is the program I wish I had 15 years ago when I started my business.  It’s something I want in the hands of every entrepreneur and business owner I work with.


It’s a new paradigm of thinking.


It’s a way to remove risk while exponentially increasing gain.


I hope you take advantage of this offer.


Right now, the Certainty Series is just one payment of $997.  


It will take you just a couple hours to watch, and I strongly recommend you watch multiple times and implement the assignments.



Here's what to do next:


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See you on the inside, 

Dan Nicholson

PS. For the rest of the year we are offering up a huge bonus stack so that everyone that enrolls has everything they need to thrive in 2022, regardless of the economic climate including:


  • Weekly Office Hours to get custom/personal help with your solvable problem, where to find more cash in your business and how to keep more cash with creative and custom tax strategies. ($3,000 value)


  • The Full Tax Optimization Roadmap: 60+ Strategies our firm, Nth Degree CPA's uses to drive down taxes. ($3,500 value)


  • 1 Certainty Summit Ticket: $500 seat at an upcoming Certainty Summit, our quarterly event to help craft a 90 plan to close the gap as efficiently as possible. ($500 value)

If you are seeing this, the Certainty Series and all of the free bonuses listed above are still available. Just click here to get started with one payment of $997.